Egg Freezing

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Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is a method used to enable women to conceive in the future. They will be thawed and fertilized with viable sperm according to your wish. Before the age of 38, women experience the most fertile years of their life. That is the reason, egg freezing gains so much significance. It brings a pragmatic change in their lives, it gives freedom of decision-making of when to start your family. The whole journey will depend upon your decision. Whenever you are ready, let us know. We will be glad to be your guide along the way.

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Women have the opportunity to delay pregnancy according to their wishes. Egg freezing empowers them to do so. Frozen eggs give hope that they can become pregnant in the future. You can avail this opportunity at our clinic that is now offering its services for Monaco with its best team. If you are not prepared to have a child at present, our dedicated specialist will freeze the egg so that you can use them at a later stage.

The treatment involves 3 stages:


Hormonal therapy that enhances the growth of follicles


Egg Retrieval


Egg freezing

Who can take the benefit?


A female who wants to secure the freedom to have a child in the future.


Women experiencing the following:


You can transverse the gap across your biological timeline with the help of egg freezing. This technique will give you a reliable backup plan in case of any fertility problems. You can prevent the likelihood of miscarriage at an older age with the help of egg freezing.



The egg freezing process takes at least 2 weeks to finish.

The egg freezing process takes at least 2 weeks to finish.

The egg freezing process takes at least 2 weeks to finish.

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